Small Organization Solutions is a collaborative solutions design firm inspiring strong communities that make their mark by igniting inspired makers, cultivating distinctive environments, and leading cultural exchanges through immersive experiences.


We believe that strong communities are the gateways for rich and vibrant cultural expression when small businesses, public spaces, and neighborhood resources work together to make their mark.

Our Values

Leadership: we strive to be our best selves by looking to those who have served before us, while setting the stage for those who will come after us

Resource: we are current, relevant, and useful in the resources we provide and who we share our resources with

Inclusivity: we welcome, embrace, and connect all members of our community and the diverse perspectives that they provide

Collaboration: we define, distill, and deliver all of the voices that participate with us

Connectivity: we emblazon our communities by bridging the gap between people, place, and program

Impact: we strive to create initiatives in all corners of our communities; from small business designs to city-wide campaigns

Increased Value: we view the potential in each initiative, and design to reach the maximum potential possible

Do good work for good people: our work has an impact on our people, our people have an impact on our communities, and our communities have an impact on the world


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